Brisket has never tasted this good.

The best brisket you'll ever taste.

Every tender succulent morsel, every piece of seasoned bark is smoked to perfection with one of our signature rubs to deliver the most incredibly moist experiences that you will ever place in your mouth.

About Us

Crack Brisket proudly offers catering services for your personal and business needs. Whether you’re hosting a business luncheon, tailgating at a sporting event, celebrating a special occasion, or just having a picnic at the park, we are happy to explore options with you to meet your needs. Any way you slice it, nothing tops off a gathering more perfectly than a moist and juicy cut of meat. After all, it is Texas y'all!

You will find Crack Brisket’s catering staff to be professional, pleasant, and prompt to take care of you. We strive to have really happy customers. Oh, and really happy bellies.

I’m an IT Project Manager and this career background allows me to bring my customer service skill set to the business of smoking brisket. In order to prevent our valued customers from having a cow, we ensure quality products and service by applying the core concept of continuous service improvement. We aim to carve up delighted and satisfied customers. Complimented with a side of giddy.

Texans Know Best

Texans know great brisket when they taste it. Whether you are a native Texan, former Texan, or transplant Texan, our brisket will give you something to talk or bark about. Crack Brisket customers agree it’s perfectly moist and marbled, complete with a friendly Texas twang.


Our customer service staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and are always happy to help you size up just the right amount of brisket and sides for your next event.

Be warned: after someone swipes that last piece of Crack Brisket, there’s going to be unpleasant side effects. These may include watering of the mouth, sweating for lack of meat sweats, vivid dreams of cows, and hangry moooo-d swings which may take place at any time. … but fear not carnivorous Americans, if you’re burnin’ for some bbq, Crack Brisket is only a call or click away.

Booking is now available online using our new online order form. Orders may be placed up to two months in advance. Now that is awesome sauce.

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Our online site includes a pacman replica that enables you to compete against other texans. Highest scores lands you a spot on our top-list and offers exclusive promotions.